IdentiKolor… identify colour, anywhere


IdentiKolor… identify colour, anywhere

 “I would like this colour".How many times do colour professionals hear this request from customers who have fallen in love with a specific shade, found on any sort of object?We believe this occurs very frequently.In these cases, the difficulty lies in transforming the visual impression into an unambiguous, precise and correct code for the tintometer so that the exact colour the customer desires can be produced.Colour evaluation by the human eye is partially subjective, and the type of material and lighting conditions can significantly alter perception.

For these reasons, portable colorimeters have been available on the market for some time and are increasingly popular. These well-known devices can precisely identify colour on any type of surface.

All this has now been surpassed thanks to IdentiKolor. This integrated platform in EuroFormulations4 was developed by EuroColori to put paint producers in direct contact with colour professionals, providing a customizable app that offers numerous benefits.One benefit is integration with portable colorimeters. Once the desired colour has been identified, the app sends information on the colour directly from the worksite to the tintometer at the trusted point of sale, resulting in considerable time savings.

IdentiKolor is natively compatible with Cube, one of the most advanced and innovative portable colorimeters available on the market today. Upon request, however, it can be configured to interact with any of the leading colorimeters currently available.

In addition, for those professionals who do not have a portable colorimeter, IdentiKolor integrates this function in the app itself by utilizing the phone’s camera to provide a useful indication of the desired colour.

This is just one of the many ways that IdentiKolor revolutionizes the supply chain of paints for architectural coatings.An essential feature is the ability to use the app as a loyalty tool for colour professionals, recording each of the customer’s orders and creating customized incentive programmes as well as targeted promotions.

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