Concentrated colouring pastes for in-plant tinting, suitable for water and solvent based coatings


UNISHADE is the universal concentrated colouring pastes family for industrial use, with highly brilliant colours and superior tinting strenght, suitable both for water and solvent based coatings and decorative systems. It is a concentrated pigment dispersion in semi-fluid paste, without solvents and alchil-phenol etoxylates (no VOC and APEO free).

UNISHADE colouring pastes are used in-plant by paint factories and industries for colouring, through gravimetric and volumetric dosage, production batches of water based paints and coatings, and solvent based enamels (mainly alchidic medium-long oil resins based).

UNISHADE can also be used in solvent based systems such as synthetic enamels, polyurethanes, glycerophtales, polyester etc. used both in architectural and industrial coatings, as well as in the production of wood sealers and varnishes and many more products.

UNISHADE family’s products are submitted to rigid quality control processes, in order to assure the maximum constancy and reproducibility batch after batch. UNISHADE products family includes three major product lines:

for highly brilliant and performing external colours, for fashionable products guaranteed even in extreme conditions

for internal and external use colours;

for highly micronized and ph independent colourants, suitable for chemically aggressive (strongly basic ph) environments.

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