Tinting system

Tinting system

Colorimetry, color formulas creation, software and coloring pastes


A tinting system is composed by parts that interact with each other, as it is in an organism: the color formulas, the dispensers management software, the coloring pastes. EuroColori is amongst the very few companies in the world that successfuly develop and control all the parts of the system.

Color formulas creation

The starting point of a winning tinting system is the creation of color formulas which are optimized in their most important aspects: correspondance to the color card (ΔE), resistance in the outside, formula cost, proper usage of the base paints. EuroColori analyses the products of the customer (paints, plasters, enamels etc.) and their behaviour in order to deliver the best possible results, following a well tested method:

  • Compatibility analysis;
  • Complete characterization;
  • Computerization of the results;
  • Combined automatic formulation;
  • Analisys and selection of the results in accordance with project specifics;
  • Creation of the final database.

This method of development, technically excellent and with a wide spectrum of colorants available, is reccomended to the companies that still do not have a tinting system and to the companies with a no-more-performing tinting system.


The software plays a central role in a tinting system, being involved in the activities of automatic formulation, color matching and dispensers management.

EuroColori delivers both own and third party solutions always oriented to the technological excellence, including all of the training needed to the technical personnel of the Customer to be fully autonomous in its usage.

Coloring pastes

One of the fundamental requirements for the success of a tinting system is the usage of high quality coloring pastes. If the colorants can not assure high compatibility levels, stability through long time stocking, resistance and eveness in tinting strenght and density, the whole system will be affected by it.

The colorants from Novomix Aqua and Novomix Uni product lines, thanks to the usage of patented wetting and dispersing agents, distinguish themselves for their top level performances, thus being an irreplaceable component of the success of our tinting systems.

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