EuroFormulation 4: Tinting system Software

EuroFormulation 4: Tinting system Software

Anticipate the needs of your customers with flexibility and service levels of excellence


Each tinting system is composed by parts that need to be integrated with each other and, most of all, to be put into communication with the end user. The return on investment mainly depends on this operation’s effectiveness. With EuroFormulations4, EuroColori fully reshapes its own software introducing some technological news which are unique in the scene of tinting.

EuroFormulations4 comes from a project engineered by our Colorimetry and Software Development team, made of professionals that develop every day colorimetric solutions for architecture.

This is the guarantee of the full correspondance between our solutions and the real needs of the ones who make and use colors, paints and decoratives. above all, this means that you can have the chance to answer to the needs of your customers with flexibility and service levels which are at the top level of the market standards.


The ultimate technological new for the control and management of your tinting system is the MyCloud service. Through a web portal, in protected and encrypted environment, you will be able to monitor in real time all of the activities of your tinting machines. The informations related to the dosages, can sizes used, customizations (price lists, formulas etc.) will be available through the analitic tools available online, or ready to be downloaded for your offline reporting activities.


Tired of complicated activation processes of your software licenses and of handling uncomfortable hardware keys? With EuroFormulations4 the activation process is simple, fast and, most important, under your total control. Through a dedicated web area, in protected environment, you will be able to manage autonomously all of the downloads and activations of licenses.


Your most demanding customers deserve an offering fitting their advanced needs. With the MyQuality Module of EuroFormulations4 you will be able to give them a tool for quality control which is reliable, precise and user friendly.


The MySearch Module turns the tinting system from a product supplier to a service dealer. Your customers will be able to make custom colors with precision, speed and simplicity, thus eliminating the downtimes and the loss of sales. This will be done through the usage of hardware devices such as spectrocolorimeters and colorimeters from the main manufacturers, with a consistent setup cost reduction if compared with the old softwares based on the usage of spectrophotometers.

Universal link to the tinting machines

No matter what types of machines are in use at your company: we have developed drivers to connect to all major brands. EuroFormulations is thought to be a true platform, an integrated interface to your entire fleet of color dispensers. In this way we simplify the system’s integration: the set-up of the machines is simplified and the risk of errors is neutralized.

Statistics on color dispensing and customers

EuroFormulations4 gives the possibility to see complete statistics regarding the usage of colorants and bases and regarding what kind of shades are mainly reproduced. The software allows you to manage a database of the customers and to relate them with the informations regarding the dosing activities, price lists, custom formulas.

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