Colouring pastes

Colouring pastes

Concentrated pigment dispersions for POS and in-plant


Colouring pastes for architectural coatings, that is concentrated pigment dispersions for each solution. This is what EuroColori has produced for over 35 years, integrating it with one of the most cutting-edge expertise on formulation, colorimetry and tinting solutions. Because the hard part of the job is to make the pigment permanently soluble in your company’s products.

Compatibility e stability

Are the two most important peculiarities for a colouring past. EuroColori guarantees them with higher than market average quality standards by using patented wetting and dispersing additives of its own formulation. Technologically advanced polymers that allow EuroColori’s families of colourants Novomix, Cromshade and Unishade to adapt to every customer’s product, with null flocculation and top level stability in storage.


Due to the superior colouring capacity obtained from the pigments through the expertise in wetting and dispresing and the firm internal quality standards, Novomix, Cromshade and Unishade are synonymous of high performance. Tests demonstrate it: hiding power and tinting strenght values are at higher levels with every type of base, even in extreme conditions.

Long life

Your customers evaluate your company basing themselves on its products’ capacity to maintain, once applied to the buildings, their characteristics unaltered for the longest possible time. With Novomix, Cromshade and Unishade you are guaranteed with an accurate selection of the best raw materials present on the market - especially for colors for external use, allowing you to give your customers excellent long term results.

More effectiveness, less costs

Talking about the cost of the colouring paste or about the formula’s cost is reductive and misleading, for it does not allow to concentrate on the formula cost, the true element to define and evaluate. To the final formula cost concur a summon of factors (colourant pastes set, colour formulas rules, interaction with machines, consumes trend over time etc.) that, if managed with EuroColori’s method, can produce a marked contraction of formula cost itself.

EuroColori thinks of the project as a whole in which performance and costs reduction, which are strictly merged, must be optimized to deliver the best solution possible.

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