Novomix Uni

Novomix Uni

Novomix Uni

Concentrated coluring pastes for POS tinting, suitable for water and solvent based coatings


NOVOMIX is an innovative product line developed to be used in point of sales (POS) tinting systems (automatic or manual, volumetric or gravimetric), suitable for all the tinting machines disposable on the market.

NOVOMIX UNI is the universal colourants product line created both for water and solvent based decorative paints and systems. It is a concentrated pigment dispersion in ready-to-use, pourable semi-fluid paste, without binders, solvents and alchil-phenol etoxylates (no VOC and APEO free), based on a patented system of high molecular weight wetting and dispersing additives.

NOVOMIX UNI is suitable for colouring products such as:

  • polymeric resins based watery emulsions;
  • decorative, washable, transpiring etc. water paints both for internal and external use;
  • acrylic and styrol-acrylic water paints;
  • quarz acrylic water paints;
  • vinyl water paints;
  • acrylic siloxanic water paints;
  • solvent based enamels;
  • alkyd, glycerophtalic etc. enamels;
  • rapid drying enamels.

NOVOMIX UNI colouring pastes are submitted to rigid quality controls to ensure a top level colour reproducibility and the lack of significant differences among batches (dE<0.8, density ±2%): the constancy in specific weight, colouring strenght and shade is guaranteed.

EuroColori can create solutions that respect customer’s needs and uniqueness: for that reason it offers di fferent types of colourant sets, flexible and customizable (number of colours, type of colourants etc.).

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