Today, choosing a colour is easier with IdentiKolor


Today, choosing a colour is easier with IdentiKolor

The competition is definitely getting tougher in the paints and coatings market. In fact, we are seeing the price being used as the only competitive weapon in a market flooded with products that do not differ much in quality or technical features from one competitor to another.

As is still too often the case, the marketing strategy of many manufacturers is to communicate a “product”, be it paint, plaster or other, and its features, and to position it against the “products” of the competition. So, what added value perceived by the market gives a company the edge over its competitors? Well, often it is just the price.

Breaking away from this price war between equivalent products is not impossible, however. The key is to focus on enhancing the customer experience, increasing customer loyalty and qualifying the offering. This is easily done with EuroColori’s IdentiKolor app.

What is IdentiKolor?

It’s a smartphone app that lets paint and coating manufacturers improve their service to their clients while providing retailers and application professionals with a technological and innovative sales tool.

What is IdentiKolor for?

With IdentiKolor, the product is sold on value, not on price. In a value-added selling approach, the final user gets service, professionalism and competence, but also technological tools that deliver a message of innovation and attention to detail. IdentiKolor manages the entire value-added selling process: from choice of colour and product, to dispatch of the order to the nearest or preferred retailer, all from a smartphone.

How does IdentiKolor work?

The choice of colour can be done in a number of ways: from the colour picker, camera or, for those who are into precision and technology, directly from the colorimeter. Any surface can be read with one of the many compatible colorimeters, including the elegant Cube, to enable IdentiKolor to translate the measurement into a chart code. You can load all the colour charts you want. Once the colour is chosen, the next step is choosing the product. There are all kinds of technical data sheets and links to multimedia content available. At this point the order is dispatched to the retailer, which will process it with the tinting machine to meet the colour request.

Why is this solution so innovative?

For the first time, the paints and coatings manufacturer can connect with its end users directly, without intermediaries. With IdentiKolor, adverts, promotions and push messages can be sent directly to users on their mobile phones. This means the retailer is no longer managing the selling process alone but is now directly and effectively supported by the manufacturer. Want to promote our flagship product in a certain area where application professionals have not been buying in over a month? It’s done!

In what way does IdentiKolor build customer loyalty?

This is where EuroColori’s innovative app really gets exciting! IdentiKolor lets you activate a points-based loyalty programme that works just like the loyalty card programmes implemented by the big retailers and supermarket chains. Users earn a certain number of reward points for each purchase made and can browse the catalogue to see how many points they need to redeem the reward of their choosing. When users reach the required number of points, they simply place their redemption request and receive their reward directly at home! So when customers have a hard time deciding between two products (manufacturer A or manufacturer B), they are most likely to buy the products from manufacturer A because the purchase will also get them a new bicycle for their son or a new smartphone for them. However, the sense of belonging to a community, which in this case is represented by the manufacturer behind IdentiKolor, is also a key aspect. Through the loyalty programme, customers become part of an exclusive club that gives them special privileges and benefits.

What information is available for the manufacturer?

This is one of the added values of IdentiKolor. In addition to building loyalty and improving the consumer’s experience, the app also provides valuable information regarding end user preferences and buying behaviours. With this information we can better design our targeted campaigns, gain more precise insight for the development of new products, or identify the areas in which we need to defend ourselves against new competitors. An adequate level of information about our market and customers will let us react faster and be successful in our business, staying one step ahead of the competition.

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