Get to know us better… a brief chat with Luca Simonato


Get to know us better… a brief chat with Luca Simonato

Name:Luca Simonato

Title: Sales Manager for Italy for the universal colourings line

Favourite colour: deep saffron

Hobbies: coaching football and fishing


What are the primary aspects of your work and how are they important to EuroColori?

 “Ongoing personal relationships with customers throughout Italy.A good sales representative must know, first and foremost, how to create a relationship with customers, listen to their needs and demonstrate through actions that he or she is there to help them grow their business.It does not involve merely selling, but rather offering support to customers.Transparency, integrity and honesty in the business dealings and human relationships make the difference.Customers must view our company as a partner who works by their side to achieve a common objective.And this is more readily apparent if there is a representative who puts a face on the company.For this reason, I travel throughout Italy during the year, which enables me to learn about different customs and practices from the north to the south of the country, experiencing the traditions of each area and, of course, sampling the local cuisines”.

What are the daily challenges?

 “My challenges reflect the challenges of our customers, who provide us with market feedback.This is precious information that I collect daily.Successfully meeting their needs is our daily challenge”.

What are your objectives for the future?

 “My personal objective is to contribute to enhancing the leadership position of EuroColori, particularly in my market segment, the universal colourings market, among both professionals and do-it-yourselfers”.

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