“Foreo” is now in points of sale


“Foreo” is now in points of sale

For all the do-it-yourselfers who need to give colour to their creations, whether interior or exterior walls of the home, furniture, iron objects or any other item, Tintamano has been a market leader for almost 20 years. The line features a complete range of 20 universal colourings for both interior and exterior use, which can be used to colour water-based paints, stuccos, decorative finishes and water-based coatings, as well as varnishes, stains and solvent-based enamels.
The new addition for this product line is the recently developed “Foreo” counter display, which EuroColori has made available to hardware, household good shops and paint stores.Made entirely of Forex, it was designed to be durable and withstand the inevitable bumps that can occur in points of sale.Measuring 47 cm long, 35 cm tall and 25 cm deep, it is sufficiently compact to easily find room in the shop, while being spacious enough to hold up to 80 bottles (50 or 25 ml).It is also covered with attractive graphics, designed to immediately capture customers’ attention.

By introducing Foreo (500 of which have been produced in just the six months since its debut), EuroColori demonstrates that it seeks to grow in the universal colourings market, a segment where it is already the undisputed leader. With 1.5 million bottles produced each year, Tintamano is sold in 35 countries around the world, thanks to the winning features it offers consumers.Above all, it is super-concentrated, so only a small amount of product is needed to colour large amounts of paint and therefore large areas. Naturally, it is easy to use – Tintamano can be added directly to the paint and mixed to produce the desired colour.In addition, it can be used for both water- and solvent-based products, staying faithful to the definition of a universal colouring.
Last but not least, it is an environmentally-friendly product that is safe for human health.

EuroColori can also provide this winning product in a private label version, with appropriate customization of the “Foreo” counter display and packaging.

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