The market for thermal insulation and energy-saving materials has recently witnessed an influx of products that offer innovative technology and application methods, with thicknesses on the order of just a few millimetres. These systems can be used to insulate homes, reducing heat loss in the winter and limiting heat gain during the summer, maintaining an interior temperature that is as consistent and uniform as possible. Paint products of this type normally contain various kinds of insulating materials, including both natural materials (cellulose, hemp, linen and wood fibres) and man-made materials (polystyrene, nanoparticles, hollow microspheres and nanotechnological systems).

Insulating paints – thermal paint systems that reduce heat loss by creating a layer of air between the wall and the paint – were one of the most discussed topics of 2016.
The EnergySaver system line of colouring pastes reflects infrared radiation, the component of solar radiation that heats the exterior surface of buildings, and can decrease the exterior temperature by up to 20%. This system composed of 12 colouring pastes is based on products in the Cromshade and Novomix lines. It is suitable for any water-based coating and can be used with a tintometer or gravimetric dispenser, ensuring consistent, measurable results. Request more information on EnergySaver colouring pastes!

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