IdentiKolor: a new frontier for communicating, connecting and developing loyalty


IdentiKolor: a new frontier for communicating, connecting and developing loyalty

Innovating means creating value for customers, including by rewriting rules and practices that are well-established in the sector. The clearest demonstration of this was apparent at the European Coatings Show 2017, where EuroColori previewed IdentiKolor, a platform integrated into EuroFormulations4 that revolutionizes the supply chain of paints for architectural coatings.

By conceiving and developing Identikolor, EuroColori created an advanced modular system that uses the most modern technology to put paint producers in direct contact with colour professionals by offering them a customizable app that provides numerous benefits.

Above all, the app guides professionals in choosing a colour in the tinting system, suggests the most appropriate types of paint for the different application environments and generally makes purchasing and using colours easier and more satisfying. It is compatibile with a wide range of portable colorimeters available on the market, and enables the order to be sent directly from the construction site to the customary point of sale.

The true revolution, however, lies in the ability to use the app as a loyalty tool for colour professionals, registering each of the customer’s orders and creating incentive programmes as well as targeted promotions.

All this is thanks to IdentiKolor’s less evident, but nevertheless important, features – the system is also a powerful back-office platform that provides market analyses with a thoroughness and level of detail that until recently was impossible. For the first time, paint producers can study the market with an unprecedented level of depth, enabling them to monitor the buying behaviour and preferences of each final customer. And communicate with each of them through targeted marketing actions, and loyalty and incentive programmes. And also immediately verify the effects of promotional activities, developing a communication strategy that is always effective and able to achieve objectives.

Because Eurocolori believes and invests in innovation to help its customers achieve success.


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