Interview: a few words with Giuseppe Manicardi


Interview: a few words with Giuseppe Manicardi


Name: Giuseppe Manicardi

Role: Project Manager

Favourite colour: Green

In your leisure time: Music and biking

What is your role at EuroColori and what does “doing” mean in your job?

I deal with software and colourimetry and work with each client on a project basis. So in this sense, there’s also a sales element but let’s say the focus is on the technical aspects and how to best meet the requirements of each customer. Actually, I believe technical competence is what makes the difference, but also the ability to adapt to the various different situations we encounter.

What are the challenges each day?

For me, the possibility of always having new solutions and services to offer thanks to the new technologies is stimulating. Innovation, however, must represent continuity with the past, in other words, with the equipment, systems and “history” of each client. So the challenge lies precisely in combining this constant push towards the future with what the company already has “in house”.

What are the future goals?

The objective for the future – at the cost of sounding repetitive – is to continue innovating, coming up with novel solutions that can deliver added value to our clients. This is the only true way to demonstrate that our applications and methods succeed.


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